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NDA Coaching In Chandigarh

National Defence Academy (NDA) is the unified services of the Indian Armed forces, wherein the cadets of three professional uniformed services (the Army, the Navy & the Air Force) drill together with one accord prior to pre-commission training at their academies. For this purpose we awear our candidates for joining us as a Best NDA Coaching Centres In Chandigarh The motto of NDA is “Service Before Self” (Seva Paramo Dharam), those who want to work selflessly and ready to serve their supreme valor for the nation’s interest, “COME & JOIN THE MISSION For INDIA - NDA Preparations”. Become its part as chossing Best Coaching Classes for NDA in Chandigarh.

Why Delhi Career Academy on Top Coaching for NDA Entrance Exam in Chandigarh

The induction at National Defence Academy is done through the NDA Entrance Exam Preparation in Chandigarh conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. It is taken twice a year in the month of April and September. The duration of the course training is about 3 years. After the accomplishment of 3-year course, Army Cadets progress to Indian Military Academy (IMA) at Dehradun, Naval Cadets to Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala and Air Force cadets to the Air Force Academy, Hyderabad. On  completion of one year rigid training at the respective academies, cadets are commissioned as officers in their respective services. This is all done when make hardcore preparation by you's self or Choose the Best Coaching Academy for NDA in Chandiagrh, India

Delhi Career Academy is a dominant NDA coaching institute in Chandigarh for 11th & 12th passout students. Delhi Career Academy has been giving outstanding results under the mentorship of our expert faculty for many years. Our esteemed teachers and trainers perpetually direct students towards their goals. Delhi Career Academy is one of the superior NDA coaching centers in Chandigarh the region.

Upcoming NDA Exam 2016 Details as below:-

  • NDA Exam NOTIFICATION DATE: 18th June 2016
  • LAST DATE FOR SUBMISSION OF NDA APPLICATION Form: 15th July 2016 till 11:59 PM
  • NDA EXAM DATE: 18th September 2016

  • Vacant Posts in Various Departments:
    Total No of Vacant Posts: 375 to 425 Approx.
    Posts Name: National Defence Academy

    There are total 320 Posts
    Indian Military: Posts 208
    Indian Navy: Posts 42
    Indian Air Force: Posts 70
    For Naval Academy (12th Cadets scheme of Entry):
    There are total 55 Posts.

Salient Points focused By Delhi Career Academy for Clearing NDA Entrance Examination:--

  • NDA exam is held twice a year so many candidates get double chance to Clear NDA Exam by Preparation.
  • Candidates from any stream are eligible who has completed class 11th exam, are appearing for class 12th or passed out class 12th exam.
  • Try before attaining 18 ½ years for NDA Exam
  •  PCM Candidates of class 11th are eligible for Army, Air Force & Navy .
  • Non- PCM Candidates of class 11th are eligible for Army only.
  • While joining NDA, Candidatesof any stream must be 12th passed, but below 19 ½ years.
  •  English, General knowledge& Maths papers
  •  Period of 3 years entails rigid training with games, sports & one foreign language learning at Government expenses.
  • Join Best Study for NDA in Chandiagrh under one roof of Delhi Career Academy.

Examination- NDA-I and NDA-II
Date Period- 25 December to 25 January. & 25 May to 25 June.
Examination  Date- 2nd April on Sunday & Sept. Last Sunday.
Date of SSB- July to October. & January to April.
Joining Date at NDA- January & July
These are the various posts in NDA. With the help of this Entrance Examination; you will get entrance in defense career. As we know the level of competition is high. So you to join a brilliant Coaching Centre for NDA Entrance Exam in Chandigarh.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA for NDA Applicant & Araspirant

Marital Status & Age for NDA Entrance Examination - 2016:-
  • Unmarried male candidates must be 16 ½  years of age but should not complete the age of 19 years on 1st of Jan. or July 1st of the year succeeding the year of exam.
Educational Qualification:-
  • Eligibility for Army Wing(National DefenceAcademy)- 12th passed on the basis of 10+2 school education or similar exam taken by the state boardor university.
  • Eligibility for Naval and Air Force Wings(National Defence Academy)& forcourse at the Naval Academy 10+2 (Executive Branch)--12th passed on the basis of 12th school education or similar with Maths & physics taken  by the university or the state board. Note, candidates  appearing for class 12th on the basis of 10+2 school education or equivalent exam are also eligible to apply.

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Scheme of the Examination- a)Written Exam b) Group tests, intelligence test & obstacles under Service Selection Board(SSB) for written exam qualifiers.

  • Mathematics general ability, Duration- 2 ½ hrs. & Max. Marks-300
  • English, General knowledge & Science, Duration- 2 ½ hrs. & Max. Marks-600
  • Total marks 900
SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview:
  • Written test qualifiers will progress for an SSB interview. Main motive is to determine the personality of the candidates.
  • SSB Training consists-Five days of personality & intelligence test
    Day 1: SSB Basic intelligence test will be taken.
    Day 2:SSB Psychological test will be taken.
    Day 3 & Day 4: SSB Group testing will be taken by Group testing officers ( GTO ).
    Day 5: Conference by SSB

* Group discussion ( GD)& Personal interview (PI) can also be taken in between 2-4 day


In order to assess basic intelligence,verbal & non- verbal intelligence test is taken for the candidates. Candidates are also supposed to go through group tests, i.e. group discussions(GD), group-planning, outdoor group tasks and to give brief lectures on particular topics. These tests are conductedto examine the mental ability of the candidates.


Paper I (Mathematics) -

Algebra, Matrices and Determinants, Trignometry, Analytical Geometryof two and three dimensions, Differenial Calculus, Integral Calculus and Differential equations, Vector Algebra, Statistics and Probability, Probability

Paper II- General Ability Test

Part A (English) -Grammar and usage, vocabulary, comprehension and cohesion in extended texts to test the candidate’s proficiency in English.

Part B (General Knowledge)-The question paper of General Knowledge will cover all the subjects: Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Social Studies, Geography and Current Events.These topics should not be taken as complete and questions on the same subject not specifically mentioned in the syllabus can be asked as well.

Section A Physics-

Static and Current Electricity: Conductors and Nonconductors. Ohm’s Law. Simple Electrical Circuits. Heating, Lighting and Magnetic effects of Current.Measurement of Electrical Power. Primary and Secondary Cells. Use of X-rays, Natural and Artificial Magnets.
General Principles in the working of the following: Simple Pendulum, Simple Pulleys, Siphon, Levers, Balloon, Pumps, Hydrometer, Pressure Cooker, Thermos Flask, Gramophone, Telegraphs, Telephone, Periscope, Telescope, Microscope, Mariner’s, Lightning Conductors & Safety Fuses. Physical Properties and States of MatterMass Weight, Volume, Density and Specific Gravity, Principle of Archimedes, Pressure Barometer,

Motion of Object:
Velocity and Acceleration. Newton’s Laws ofMotion. Force and Momentum.Parallelogram of Forces.Stability and Equilibrium of bodies. Gravitation, elementary ideas of Work, Power and Energy., Effects of Heat.
Sound waves and their properties. Simple musical instruments.
Rectilinear propagation of Light. Reflection and refraction.
Spherical mirrors and lenses. Human Eye.

Section B –Chemistry-

Acids, Bases and Salts.
Carbon-different forms. Fertilizers-Natural and Artificial.
Materials used in preparation of substances like Soap, Glass, Ink, Paper, Cement, Paints, Safety Matches and Gunpowder.
Elementary ideas about the Structure of Atom, Atomic Equivalent and Molecular Weights & Valency.
Physical and Chemical changes. Elements, Mixtures, and Compounds, Symbols, Formulae and simple Chemical Equations. Law of Chemical Combination [excluding problems). Properties of Air and Water.
Preparation and Properties of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon dioxide, Oxidation and Reduction.

Section C -General Science

 Elementary knowledge of human body and its important organs. Common Epidemics, causes and prevention.Food-Source of energy for man. Constituents of food Balanced diet. Difference between the living and non-living.
Basis of Life-Cells, Protoplasm’s and Tissues.
Growth and Reproduction in Plants and Animals.The Solar System, Achievements of Eminent Scientists.

Section D - History, Freedom Movement, etc.

Elementary knowledge of Five-Year Plans of India.
Panchayati Raj, Cooperatives and Community Development.
Bhoodan. Sarvodaya. National Integration and Welfare State.
Basic Teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.
Forces shaping the modern world, A broad survey of Indian History, Culture and Civilization.
Freedom Movement in India.
Elementary study of Indian Constitution and Administration.

Section E –Geography
The Earth, its shape and size. Latitudes and Longitudes. Concept of Time. International Date Line. Movements of Earth & their effects.
Origin of Earth. Rocks &their classification. Weathering Mechanical & Chemical. Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Ocean Currents and Tides. Atmosphere and its composition; Temperature and Atmospheric Pressure; Planetary Winds; Cyclones and Anticyclones; Humidity, Condensation and Precipitation: Types of Climate. Major Natural regions of the World.
Regional Geography of India-Climate, Natural vegetation. Mineral and Power resources; location and distribution of agricultural and industrial activities. Important Sea Ports & Sea; land & air routes of India. Imports and Exports of India.

Section F -Current Events-
Cultural, Sport, prominent personalities, events in the context of India and world& main events of India happened in recent years.

TEACHING STRATEGY for NDA Written Exam Coaching-

  • Regular classes by our proficient faculty members & seminar by our respected Ret. Officers
  • Easy course material.
  • Group Discussion (GD), Grooming sessions for SSB & Interview Preparation
  • Personality Development session
  • Weekly & Regular-Mock tests
  • Highly Motivational session on serving the nation

WHY TEAM UP WITH Delhi Career Academy for NDA Entrance Preparation-

  • Well- experienced UGC + Phd. Level qualified permanent faculty acquainted with latest ideas
  • Well-known Institute for NDA coaching in Chandigarh.
  • Offers 3 months (NDA in-depth course), 1 month (NDA crash course), 1 and 2 years Through NDA preparation(This course includes preparation for 10+1 and 10+2 regular exam study on school pattern + Nda study).
  • Regular classes of 5 to 8 hours.
  • Provides worthy study material & specific test series for the entrance exam.
  • Covers entire syllabus throughprevious years question papers with doubt sessions
  • Easy shortcut techniques for solving mathematics exam quickly and accurately.
  • Professional & determined faculty of all the subjects
  • Hostel & PG Facilities for students from different region.
  • If any candidate has missed to crack NDA exam, Then that candidate again gets the chance to join Defence though CDS Preparation after doing his graduation (Girls are also eligible for CDS Exam).

    NDA Exam 2016 Answer Key:
    On Sunday April 17th numerous candidates from all over the India are appeared for Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), National Defence Academy 1 & Naval Academy 1 entrance exam.
    At this moment, large number of applicants searching for NDA & NA examination answer key to analyses their marks. Be that as it may, let you know, UPSC not announces any official Answer key of NDA/NA 2016 exam yet & the UPSC office will give notification of Answer key as soon conceivable. So don't be frenzy and resist the urge to panic.
    A large number of Coaching Institute for NDA in Chandigarh, announces their own particular informal Answer Keys of the exam of NDA & NA 2016. So you can likewise check their marks on this page & also examine yourself. But the official answer key is only release by UPSC official website. As we also give Coaching Classes for NDA in Chandigarh, whenever UPSC will Release Answer keys, you will get updated soon from the mentioned below link: http://upsc.gov.in/exams/answerkeys/index.htm


    Sanjeev : Sanjeev SCO-217 (Cabin-2) ICICI Bank Block, Sector 34/A, Sector 34, Chandigarh, 160034, India
    Phone: 08427339559

    FAQ's of NDA Exam Preparations:

    FAQ 1: What is NDA "National Defence Academy" exam?
    Answer 1: NDA entrance exam is led by UPSC for the candidates who eagerly want to join IAF (Indian Armed Forces).

    FAQ 2: How many wings are under the NDA (National Defence Forces) exam?
    Answer 2: There are total three Forces; they are Indian Army, Navy and Air force.

    FAQ 3: What are criteria of Age for the NDA entrance Exam?
    Answer 3: Applicant’s age is not less than 16.5 years and 19 years.

    FAQ 4: Are Girls can apply in NDA entrance exam?
    Answer 4: No, girls can’t apply for the NDA written Entrance Exam.

    FAQ 5: How many numbers of times a student can attempt the NDA examination?
    Answer 5: An Applicant can apply for the NDA in between the age of 16.5 to 19 years.

    FAQ 6: Why Girls can not apply For National Defence Academy?
    Answer 6: Only Men can apply for the National Defence Academy because reason behind is that in the age of 16.5 years to 19 years girls are basically not physically fit.

    FAQ 7: Is NDA examination is held one time in a year?
    Answer 7: No, NDA examination is held twice in one year in the month of April & September.

    FAQ 8: How students get selection in NDA?
    Answer 8: Y1st step is to clear the Written examination of NDA after that you have two step i.e. SSB Interviews and medical tests.

    FAQ 9: What is the Academic qualification for the National Defence Academy written exam?
    Answer 9: For National Defence Academy, a student i appearing in Secondary class examination or must passed 12th class.

    FAQ 10: What is the Pattern of Examination of National Defence Academy Examination?
    Answer 10: It basically consists of Mathematics and General Ability Tests. General Ability is consists of various subjects General knowledge and English subjects.

Join Best NDA Coaching Institute By:- COL: R.K Singh & Capt. A.K Choudhary
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**Special Hostel Facility Avalaible for Students Joining from Outside**
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