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merchant navy coaching in Chandigarh & Delhi
The dawn of the Merchant Navy happened Prue-independence from Britain. Since then, the Indian Maritime industry has developed. Merchant marines or Merchant Navy is officially registered in a country. The commercial fleet of non-military/fighting ships for transportation of carriers, containers, vessels, passengers and other things via sea , which is not possible by road, rail and air services between countries. The Merchant Navy fleet consists tanker, cargo, passenger, refrigerator, container ships.
Ships of Indian Merchant Navy are handled by Public and Private Companies & maneuver by engineers, navigators and crews. The Indian Government provides training under the Ministry of Surface Transport for the personnel. Directorate General of Shipping has set training institutes under its management ‘Chanakya,’ training ship Mumbai of government maritime B.Sc degree for 3 years (University of Mumbai). Another Prime Institute is Marine Engineering Research Institute (MERI) for education in marine engineering. Both the institutes impart training for Pre Sea training for education in maritime. For Discipline in Navigation, Cadets are trained by ‘Chanakya’ apprenticeship.

Navigation Aptitude Certificates

In order to prove the ability for NAVIGATING OFFICERS, it is mandatory to take the certificate of competency as per Indian rules with regard to masters & mates exams in the mercantile marine. Second mate (foreign going) is the first certificate of competency for navigating officers from T.S. “Chanakya”. On completion of 3 year degree course (Nautical Science) with Chanakya apprenticeship. Prior to the eligibility for grant of Second mate(foreign going) competency certificate, a cadet officer is needed to finish one year on merchant ship for deck department with normal stipend. Any Candidate who clears the B.Sc. (Nautical Science) exam with University of Mumbai can avail exemptions in the certificate of competency exams & can also apply for remission in sea service. In the first exam for a cadet for Second mate, takes 8-10 months & instructions are also given to the students in nautical college.
After acquiring certificate of competency for a second Mate (FG) then an officer is entitled to be inducted as 3rd officer/2nd officer on merchant ship with good salary. For promotion, supplementary sea service- 18 months as OIC (NW) for passing next level exam, which is First Mate (Foreign Going) and additional sea service of 18 months as OIC (NW) or 1 year for Master(FG) as CM
The merchant navy personnel are eligible for both first Mate/ Master’s Certificate of competency exam on completing 18 months of service and assistance for tutoring about 8-10 months are given on taking the exam. The Mariners are required to finish 36 months of sea service for Master’s Certificate of Competency after exam for Second mate and 12 months later 1st Mates exam. An officer can become captain of a merchant ship after acquiring Master’s Certificate of competency. Ministry of Surface Transport through the Directorate General of shipping(Mumbai) takes all competency exams.

Different Entrance Avenues for Engineering Department:-

  • Trainee-ship from machinist coast guard/Indian Navy/Naval dockyard can apply for PART A Exam of Marine Engineer Class IV
  • For entry as petty officers and fitters- 2 year course with 50% from ITI later than 4 months pre sea training
  • 18 months training at approved marine workshops & safety courses(basic) after completing BE Electrical/Electronics and Marine Engineering class IV exam of Part A, eligible for engine department.
  • Marine workshop training of 2 years after completing a diploma in Ship Building/Electrical Marine/Mechanical engineering branches.
  • PCM and English at 12th level with 50% can apply by workshop training with 60 % in engineering course(marine).Become members of Institution of engineers after completing a 3 year course from approved institute and then joining as a junior engineer for merchant vessels.
  • One year Marine Engineering course can be done by Engineers from any discipline
  • 2 years Marine Engineering course is allowable after completing BE in Ship building/Ship Architecture-4 years.
  • One year Marine Engineering course is allowable after completing BE in Ship/Mech. Architecture with 50%.

Mariners- For home Merchandising/Trade Territory(Zone)

a) Home trade merchant vessels that sail within Indian Territory only, also known as Near Coastal Voyage (NCV).
b) Certification in navigating ships is permissible for class X pass students, at least 18 years of age and sea service as deck cadet for 18 months
c) 3 years of deck ratings and executed watch keeping duties for minimum 6 months as per the direction deck officer holding a valid certificate of competency.
d) Receiving certificate allows working as a watch keeping officer on offshore vessels and home merchandising territory.
e) With the completion of necessary sea service, one is eligible to take the  second mate exam of foreign going vessels.

Home Merchandising/Trade Ship Mate

a) One can be promoted as mate on home merchandising ship after taking certificate of competency as a watch keeping officer for navigation with 18 months sea service, training & assessment.
b) With certificate of competency as mate of merchandising ship, sea service for 3 years, accomplishment of ship management course, 90 days as ship handling & operations as chief mate, simulator training & exam with assessment is mandatory for becoming Master of 500-300 gross ton ships.
c) At second mate level, Master of home trade ship can team with the foreign routing ship

Marine Engineers- Home Trade Zone(Entry Scheme)

  • Engine room ratings with a certificate of watch keeping and Class X certificate holders can be inducted.
  • Engine driver(Sea going), Navy rating machinist and ITI training(Mechanic in diesel) can be taken.
  • Diploma Holders- Mechanical, Electrical & Marine fitters from the dockyards and workshops are taken.
  • Engineers-Class IV passing certificate of competency of MEO Class IV(NCV) with some sea service, modular courses and trained on board are inducted.

Deck To Officer

  • To get into merchant navy is possible with the help of government training institutes or private institutes pre-sea training.
  •  After completing 10+2 & pre-sea training, recruitment will be as a deck cadet for national & international ships.
  • Deck  cadets are trained as per the instruction of senior officers
  • With the completion of training on board, passing the exam lead to final appointment. A mere appointment is not sufficient.
  • Passing any next level exam will give promotions
  • First exam for Deck Cadet- 3rd Mate’s exam which is to be taken three years after joining the ship. This includes testing navigational skills and watch keeping duties on board. Cadets are supposed to study on board with deck duty all the time. With these practical duties they can easily answer in the exam.
  • Deck Duties includes- Loading and discharging of cargo, safety, navigation of the ship safely and scrutiny of international and national codes.
  • To be an officer, it is vital to clear the next exam, which is a second mate’s exam.
  • One of the most important exams is Chief mate’s exam. It is a combination of oral and written test. Passing the exam leads to commanding the vessel independently. It is the highest rank o all with no age limit.
  • Promotional exams are generally conducted by the mercantile marine board. Subjects included Survival at sea, fire fighting and communication tests. The exam is set down by the International Maritime safety law.
  • For taking certificate ratings, one must pass Class X exam with science and maths, should be minimum 21 years of age, and medically fit with 3 years of sea service- 6 months watch keeping duties under supervision.

Teaching Techniques

  • Coaching by Expert Faculty
  • Vital course material & easy readability
  • Special Grooming classes for Merchant Navy Aspirants
  • Personality Development Classes
  • Perpetual-Mock & Weekly Tests.
  • Motivational classes on serving the nation

Why Defence Career Group for Merchant Navy Coaching in Chandigarh & Delhi

  • Up to date and Experts, UGC-NET qualified permanent faculty.
  • Notable institute for Merchant Navy coaching in Chandigarh & Delhi region.
  • Offers Merchant Navy detail course of Three Months
  •  Offers One Month Merchant Navy Crash Course
  • 100 + Coaching & Training Hours
  • Specific study material & particular test series for the entrance exam.
  • Previous years’ question papers are also covered
  • Mathematics Tricks are taught
  • Committed Expert Faculty
  • Accommodation Available for Students


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